Horrifying Video Shows Moment Syrian Asylum Seeker Opens Fire On Fargo Officers, Killing One

[Screenshot/Harrison Krank]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation released body cam footage Thursday showing the fatal ambush shooting of North Dakota police officers.

The deadly incident unfolded July 14 when Mohamad Barakat, 37, fatally shot Fargo Police Officer Jake Wallin and wounded officers Andrew Dotas and Tyler Hawes. Before the shooting, the officers were responding to a traffic crash, according to The Associated Press (AP). Barakat reportedly wounded a bystander and tried to flee the scene, but officer Zach Robinson was able to shoot and kill Barakat.

Horrifying bodycam footage shows Robinson walking alongside the street, waving cars past the scene of the accident before Barakat opens fire.

“Shots fired. Shots fired. We got a man with an AK-47 shooting at us,” Robinson could be heard saying as he takes cover behind a vehicle and returns fire.

“Shots fired. Shots fired. We got three officers down,” Robinson says breathlessly, while video shows Wallin, Dotas and Hawes laying on the grass. (RELATED: ‘Unlike Anything I’ve Seen’: The Number Of Police Officers Shot In The Line Of Duty Has More Than Doubled Since 2020)

Robinson approaches Barakat, who is laying next to his vehicle wounded. Robinson asks Barakat to drop his weapon several times before fatally shooting him.

Authorities later found several weapons in Barakat’s car, including more than 1,800 rounds of ammunition, gasoline containers and propane tanks, according to The AP.

Barakat’s previous search history over the last five years included information about “mass shooting events,” “explosive ammo” and “incendiary rounds,” the outlet noted.

The FBI was previously alerted about Barakat in 2021 after there were concerns about his mental state and his access to a “significant number of firearms,” according The AP. Barakat reportedly denied any intentions of wrong doing, and authorities said there was no evidence to support illegal activities or any immediate threats and thus, no further action was taken.

Barakat is from Syria and came to the U.S. on an asylum request in 2012 before gaining citizenship in 2019, per The AP.