What Dillon Danis Is Doing To Logan Paul Right Now Is The Most Savage Pre-Fight Trolling We’ll Ever See


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Indian Bronson joined Dillon Danis in trolling Logan Paul by calling his fiancé a slut in what can only be described as the most savage pre-fight smack talk we’ll ever see.

Paul and Danis have been trashing each other on social media in advance of facing off in the ring. Bronson launched his own vicious attack on Paul on social media that possibly packed a bigger punch than the ones the fighters will land on fight night.

“It doesn’t matter how much money Logan Paul has, how good he is at fighting, what videos he makes—Dillon has completely KILLED him,” Bronson wrote in a Tweet. “He has chosen to marry a whore. If he goes through with it, his wife is a slut. The mother of his kids will be a slut.”

Bronson continued firing off on Agdal and Logan by putting emphasis on her promiscuous past.

“So Dillon started posting pics of all the dudes who fucked Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, or instances of her talking like this. One after another. Her ex-boyfriends include Leonardo DiCaprio, Lebron, etc.” Bronson wrote.

“Right now on the basis of relatively raunchy pictures alone—forget the relative wealth and power of these guys compared to Logan—she’s got at *least* 20 bodies,” he said.

“Obviously, Nina Agdal is young and beautiful—just look at her! But not a SINGLE man, even if he’d hook up with her, respects her at all, and her whole being makes the man who chooses to be with her a complete loser,” he said.

Bronson wasn’t done with his trolling.

“She is a SLUT. Only a huge loser would *marry* a slut,” he said.

Bronson brought the conversation back to the matchup and drew a parallel between the fights happening both inside and outside of the ring.

“Men don’t just compete in terms of physical fitness or wealth, or direct combat though—like rams butting heads or birds outscreaming each other, men compete for mates, for Women,” he wrote.

“Certainly, on some level, how many women choose to be with a man/how many women he can attract is one measure of a man’s worth. But all men know something by much, much deeper—the quality of the woman you end up with, even if she’s your very first, IS your measure as a man,” he said. (RELATED: Logan Paul Feared Jake Paul Would Commit Suicide)

Bronson wrapped up his savage attack with a KO.

“In our modern society, men are never, ever supposed to talk about this, and if they do they’ll be shouted down as “incels” or “insecure” but every man knows: Even if you can’t find a virgin (ZERO self respecting men truly prefer anything else), at LEAST don’t marry a slut.”