‘Shaking My Head’: Bill Hemmer Appears Stunned As Andy McCarthy Lays Out How Biden ‘Scheme’ Works

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ Bill Hemmer appeared stunned and frustrated as former U.S. Assistant District Attorney Andy McCarthy laid out how the Biden “scheme” works Monday.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers allegedly threatened to put President Joe Biden on the witness stand if the Department of Justice brought charges for an illegal firearm purchase, Politico reported.

In a letter to then-U.S. attorney David Weiss, Hunter’s lawyer, Chris Clark, argued that a leak indicating prosecutors had enough evidence to charge Hunter over a false statement related to buying a gun was “illegal” and any charges brought would be viewed as a partisan attack.

“President Biden now unquestionably would be a fact witness for the defense in any criminal trial,” Clark reportedly wrote. “This of all cases justifies neither the spectacle of a sitting President testifying at a criminal trial nor the potential for a resulting Constitutional crisis.” (RELATED: Comer: Hunter Biden Was Copied On Government Emails Pertaining To Ukraine While Biden Was VP)

“What about this idea that Hunter Biden’s lawyers floated maybe the threat or the idea that they would call the president of the United States to the stand? How do you think that went over with the president’s lawyers?” host Dana Perino asked.


“We know how it went over, Dana, because he was never charged. I know I’m like a broken record on this now. Every week we talk about this and every week I say another week has gone by and there’s no indictment. And the charges are disappearing, 2016’s gone, 2015’s gone, 2014 is gone. Really most crimes prior to 2018 are gone because they were never indicted. All the tax charges prior to 2017 are gone,” McCarthy said.

“This scheme only runs until about 2019 because they had to rein in their sales once Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign got into full swing. So the case is disappearing day by day. But what we see in the stories that were reported over the weekend is they are intimidated by Joe Biden. They are afraid to charge a case they would charge in any other instance because of what the blowback is going to be against them career-wise, professional-wise, etc. if they mess with Joe Biden’s son. Again, this is what these foreign actors were paying for.”

“Shaking my head, Andy, that’s what I’m doing. I’m smh over here today. By the way, do you think David Weiss testifies in October or November, or is that not even gonna happen at all now?”

McCarthy said he doubts it, with Hemmer expressing more shock before the segment ended.

Hunter was later charged with misdemeanor tax charges and a felony gun charge after his initial sweetheart deal fell apart over a provision granting sweeping immunity to the president’s son.