Nebraska FedEx Driver Hailed As ‘Hero’ After Killing Rattlesnake On Porch During Delivery

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: NTV News

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A FedEx delivery driver is being hailed as a hero after killing a large rattlesnake on the front porch of a Nebraska home while making a delivery earlier in August.

Grateful homeowner Christie Jones nominated Matt Govier for “FedEx employee of the year” after Govier took it upon himself to kill a rattlesnake lurking in the corner of Jones’ front porch — a feat captured on the home’s doorbell camera.

Minutes after Jones’ 12-year-old daughter leaves the house, a 36-inch rattlesnake can be seen slithering onto the front step. Two minutes later, Govier arrives at the home and makes his way to the porch, only to be greeted by the ominous sound of a rattle after dropping off his delivery, according to the footage. (RELATED: Video Shows Snake Woman Says She Found In Her Toilet)

“And there he was,” Govier told NTV News of the snake, which was curled up in the corner of the porch next to the front door.

Seemingly not wanting to leave the homeowners with an unpleasant and potentially deadly surprise, Govier took it upon himself to deal with the situation. “I knew they had a garage there and I figured they probably had some tools that I could go grab,” Govier told the outlet.

Armed with a rake and shovel, Govier dispatched the snake and removed it from the front porch, but not before snapping a picture of the deadly reptile and sending it to Jones. “I hope you didn’t have a pet rattlesnake at your front door because I killed him,” he wrote, according to a screenshot of their message exchange. “Sorry about the blood,” he added.

Hardly upset by Govier’s initiative, Jones told NTV she was grateful he’d taken it upon himself to kill the snake rather than just inform her it was lurking in the corner. “I don’t know that I would [have been able] to exit my front door,” Jones said.

Rather than leave the dead snake lying on her lawn, Govier picked up the reptile, telling NTV news he had some garbage bags in his truck and he figured he would just decide what to do with it later.

Though Jones repeatedly expressed her gratitude and insisted the delivery driver receive a raise for going above and beyond the call of duty, Govier dismissed the praise, simply offering Jones a “You’re welcome.”