Video Shows Snake Woman Says She Found In Her Toilet

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Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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A woman from Tucson, Arizona found a snake hiding in her toilet after returning home from vacation July 15, according to The Tribune.

Michelle Lespron stated that after coming back from her vacation, she needed to use the bathroom but, unexpectedly, found an uninvited snake on her toilet “waiting” for her, according to the Tribune.

“I lifted up the lid and he or she was curled up. Thank God the lid was closed,” Lespron said, the Tribune added. “I don’t think I have ever screamed louder in my life. Then I slammed the toilet lid back down and ran.” (RELATED:  Florida Man Finds Angry Iguana In Toilet)

Lespron attempted to remove the snake for three days. After her father failed to catch the slithering reptile, she resorted to calling Rattlesnake Solution, a specialized snake-catching company.

The company released a video on Instagram, showing Nikolaus Kemme, the professional who came to Lespron’s aid, removing the snake in a matter of seconds after receiving a bite and a ferocious hiss.

“Nik is a hero,” Lespron added. “That snake was like a toilet diva. It felt like it had ownership of that toilet and wasn’t letting anyone get it out of there.”

Rattlesnake Solution identified the snake as a coachwhip belonging to the Masticophis flagellum family. Coachwhips are prevalent snakes that live in sandy and arid locations in the Americas; although not venomous, coachwhips tend to hiss and bite to protect themselves from other predators, according to the University of Georgia.

After this shocking encounter, Lespron says she will never enter a bathroom in the dark and will make sure to always lift the lid before sitting.

Similarly, a dead octopus was found in a toilet in a bathroom in Columbus Park, Indiana, in June.

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