Morgan Wallen’s Laugh-Out-Loud ‘Thank You’ Video Goes Viral

Public/Screenshot/TikTok — User: ashleigh.bolduc

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A TikTok video of Morgan Wallen saying “thank you” at the end of every song at one of his concerts went viral Sunday.

The video, clipped together and shared by TikToker Ashleigh Bolduc, was apparently shot in Fenway Park, Boston, during Wallen’s “One Thing At A Time” tour. It’s only 15 seconds long, but it shows Wallen saying “thank you” at least nine times in a bizarrely clipped and blunt manner. Though the “thank you” is genuine, his voice just sounds so weird and funny.

Apparently Wallen said it after every song, which just goes to show how grateful he is for his fans. And his fans shared in the comments that this Wallen is known for doing this, and they love it.

@ashleigh.bolduc THANK YOU… very much morgan for the best night ever, I love you #thankyou #morganwallen #morganwallenconcert #onenightatatime #onenightatatimetour #fenway #fenwaypark #fenwayconcert #redsox #fenwayconcertseries #boston #bostonconcert #countrymusic #countrymusicconcert #country #summerconcerts #hardy #ernest #baileyzimmerman ♬ Last Night – Morgan Wallen

“So glad I’m not the only one who noticed this,” one user commented. “My friends and I started yelling ‘you’re welcome.’ Had us cracking up,” another said. (RELATED: Dad Hums Country Song To Himself At TSA Pre-Check In Nashville, Morgan Wallen Joins In)

I’ve been to concerts where the band literally hasn’t acknowledged they’re performing in front of an audience. Not to name names, but Brandon Boyd from Incubus and Brandon Flowers from The Killers both performed shows in Cardiff, Wales, where they said nothing to the audience at all, and I think they suck for doing that.