Parental Rights Protesters Block Tunnel In Los Angeles

Screenshot/Twitter/Jeremy Lindenfeld

Frances Floresca Contributor
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Protesters in Los Angeles blocked a tunnel Tuesday as they marched in support of parental rights in schools.

Organizers of the nearly 200-person rally urged the Los Angeles Unified School District to support parental notification laws, similar to those passed in school districts nearby, according to Fox 11(RELATED: California District Adopts Pro-Parental Rights Policy As Newsom Cracks Down On Conservative School Boards)

Parental notification laws require schools to notify parents if their children change their name or gender, the outlet noted.

The protesters donned shirts and signs reading “Leave Our Kids Alone,” as seen in footage posted on Twitter. They can also be heard chanting the phrase, “We don’t co-parent with Newsom,” who is California’s Democratic governor.

Leave Our Kids Alone’s Instagram noted the protest began at the Los Angeles City Hall and urged California parents to “stand united and rally for our kids.”

“Whether it’s the school boards or Sacramento in their attempts to indoctrinate kids and separate them from families,” the post read.

Not only were there parental rights protesters, but a separate group rallied in support of LGBTQ+ youth. While the Los Angeles police set up lines to keep the groups separate, it led to unlawful assembly, resulting in two arrests, according to Fox 11.

Californian elected officials have been attempting to pass legislation that parental rights activists argue is targeting, intimidating and smearing parents.