Donald Trump Surrenders In Georgia For Fourth Case

Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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FULTON COUNTY JAIL — Former President Donald Trump surrendered Thursday night in Georgia on a number of charges relating to the 2020 presidential election.

Trump had his fingerprints and mugshot taken at the Fulton County Jail just a week after a grand jury handed down a 13-count indictment to the leading GOP presidential candidate. As of Thursday, at least 11 of the 19 people who were charged appeared at the jail to be booked.

As Trump deplaned, he did not take questions from a group of reporters on the ground and headed straight to the jail.

Just before Trump took off for Georgia, he posted a statement on Truth Social, saying, “231,000,000 Views, and still counting. The Biggest Video on Social Media, EVER, more than double the Super Bowl!” (RELATED: ‘Savage Animals’: Trump Talks Indictments, Political Assassinations With Tucker During GOP Debate)

“But please excuse me, I have to start getting ready to head down to Atlanta, Georgia, where Murder and other Violent Crimes have reached levels never seen before, to get ARRESTED by a Radical Left, Lowlife District Attorney, Fani Willis, for A PERFECT PHONE CALL, and having the audacity to challenge a RIGGED & STOLEN ELECTION. THE EVIDENCE IS IRREFUTABLE! ARREST TIME: 7:30 P.M.,” he added. (RELATED: Trump Says He Is Turning Himself Into Georgia Jail)

(This is a developing story. More information will be added)