‘Blood Trail’: Woman Charged With Misdemeanor After Allegedly Dragging Horse Behind ATV

Not the horse from the story (Photo by Morgan Hancock/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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Police charged an Alabama woman with a misdemeanor after she allegedly dragged a horse for almost a half mile behind an ATV, leaving a “blood trail.”

Authorities arrested Carla Bohanon, 40, on Aug. 14 for animal cruelty to her horse, Whiskey Glasses. Bohanon had been spotted Aug. 5 dragging her horse behind her ATV, causing severe injuries such as bleeding and “major abrasions and bruising” to the animal, according to court documents, WHNT reported.

“The hooves of the horse appeared to be injured as they were also bleeding…bright red blood and that a large part of both rear hooves were missing…major abrasions and bruising on the left shoulder, left front leg and knee, left elbow, rib cage on left side, left flank and hip, and left upper thigh and hocks,” court documents say of some of the injuries to the horse.

A deputy with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) and a Geraldine Police Officer arrived on the scene after receiving a call that someone had been dragging a horse behind an ATV. The deputy later called a veterinarian, describing the horse as having “visible injuries to its left side,” noting that it “appeared to be favoring its right rear hoof,” according to court documents. (RELATED: Veterinarian Sentenced For Dogfighting, Barred From Practicing Profession)

As officials were investigating the scene, Bohanon reportedly drove up on her ATV, stating she owned Whiskey Glasses. Bohanon “became verbally belligerent” once the deputy informed her that a veterinarian was on the way and questioned the cost, claiming that she “could not afford” a veterinarian, according to court documents.

Bohanon also denied dragging the horse at first, and then later said she “stopped dragging the horse once it fell into the roadway.” She later said she had been trying to teach the horse to ride, while leading on her ATV, according to court documents.

While the veterinarian and the veterinarian assistant were tending to the horse and its injuries, the assistant offered to buy the horse from Bohanon for $200, to which she agreed. As the two of them were transporting Whiskey Glasses, the veterinarian assistant informed the deputy that “the blood trail” led farther along down the road, roughly 0.4 miles. The veterinarian assistant explained that the horse “would have had to have been dragged prior to that before the hooves were worn down to bleed,” according to court documents.

After having a warrant for her arrest, Bohanon was charged with animal cruelty, which is a Class A misdemeanor. She was reportedly released on a $3,500 bail bond.

The Daily Caller reached out to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office for a statement but did not receive a response by the time of publication.