Kellyanne Conway Says Dems Are Scrambling To Boost Replacements ‘In Case Biden Doesn’t Make It’


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Former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway suggested on Monday that the Democrats are looking for an alternative to President Joe Biden in anticipation that he won’t be capable of running in 2024.

Conway said the Democrats and the media are attempting to get ahead of Biden’s mounting scandals by pushing for the debate between Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. She said the Democrats are also attempting to prop-up Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as a viable presidential alternative to Biden. (RELATED: The Next GOP President Should Immediately Pardon Hunter Biden)

“They want other Democrats in the mix in case Biden doesn’t make it, and in case he’s impeached,” Conway said. “Now, we’ll let the House do what they’re doing on the impeachment inquiry. The public though, the polls, they left Joe Biden a long time ago.”

Conway stated that Biden’s economic record has given Americans reason to be wary of a second term. She pointed out the country’s struggles with inflation, interest rates, gas prices, and groceries. She also cast doubt over whether young people would line up to support him given his failure to deliver on student loan forgiveness and rising housing prices. Conway also dismissed Biden’s “foreign policy experience,” citing the Afghanistan withdrawal “disgrace.”

“Look at the Gold Star moms saying that he pretended that his son, too, came back in a flag-draped coffin,” Conway said in reference to Beau Biden, who died of cancer. “But he lies about the simplest things.”

Conway also slammed his initial refusal to comment on the Maui wildfire crisis. She then ripped the southern border, claiming he’s allowed “seven million people” to cross over it.

“Key point in the polls I noticed today. Sixty-six percent say that Joe Biden is handling the economy, Sean, quote ‘very poorly.’ For Donald Trump it was 67% saying the economy was very good in January 2020, right before COVID.”

She said that Biden’s lackluster policy agenda combined with his alleged “corruption” will repel voters.