‘My Wife Is Really Grateful That I Got Fired’: Tucker Explains Why His Firing Was A Blessing In Disguise

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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson explained why his firing from Fox News is a blessing in disguise during an interview with Balázs Orbán, a top advisor to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (no relation).

Carlson said his Apr. 24 firing prevented him from growing too egotistical and helped him come to the realization that he is “just like everyone else.” He told Orbán he is currently “grateful” for the experience.

“I’ve loved it,” Carlson began. “I mean, thankfully the people I worked with on my show were also fired with me. My executive producer, Justin Wells — we’ve been together for many years, very close — and he got fired two minutes after I got fired, and I said ‘I’m so glad you got fired.’ So, my world hasn’t changed that much actually and I’ve been with the same woman for 39 years, and I have a very large and very close family, and the people I work with hasn’t changed, and my dogs — we have a lot of dogs — they’re still there. So, my life hasn’t changed that much.”

“This is my third time being fired as an adult, and I would recommend it to anybody … It’s great to get fired, because it keeps you from being a truly horrible person,” the Daily Caller co-founder added. “I mean, we’re all sort of horrible people because we’re people. But, getting fired, you know, the problem with men when they’re successful is they start to think they’re Jesus. It just happens. And you get this hubris like ‘I can do anything, I’m so important.'”

“And getting fired reminds you that you’re just like everybody else,” Carlson continued. “You’re kind of a ridiculous person and you’ll die alone and terrified like every human being from the beginning of time and you’re just like everybody else and stop that. And that’s a really good thing to learn about yourself.”

He then said men can only remain “pure” by regularly being “humiliated.”. (RELATED: ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Replacement Drops In Key Age Demo Ratings On First Night) 

“I’m really glad that I got—and I think my wife is really grateful that I got fired also,” Carlson added.

The former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said Fox News had been “really nice” to him throughout the 14 years he spent at the network and that he refuses to say anything bad about his former employer.

His Fox News show reeled in over four million viewers in 2020, one of the highest ratings in the history of cable news, according to The New York Times.

In June, Carlson launched an independent show, “Tucker on Twitter” in which he delivers monologues and interviews notable people, including masculinity guru Andrew Tate and former President Donald Trump. Fox News responded by sending the ex-host a letter accusing him of breaching his $20 million contract with the network, which is set to expire in Jan. 2025.

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