We Regret To Inform You That Marvel’s Universally Hated Feminist Propaganda Show Will Be Back For Season 2


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Marvel Studios has released a shockingly large amount of projects that are universally loved by fans.

Disney+’s “She-Hulk” is not one of them.

Although nobody asked for this, it appears the show might be getting a second season following the current writers’ strike, according to Twitter film scooper MyTimeToShineH.

Fans panned the feminist manifesto, giving it a 32 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the worst rated Disney+ show in the Marvel collection. Rotten Tomatoes, notorious for championing liberal causes and ignoring the will of the people, gave the project a 77 percent rating, marking a massive disparity between their score and the audience’s.

Obviously, fans are not eager for a second season.

The Marvel faithful would likely much rather see a second season of “Wandavision” (88 percent average audience score) or “Ms. Marvel” (80 percent), two other female-led projects with significantly higher scores. (RELATED: Rotten Tomatoes To Counter Effort To Tank ‘Black Panther’ Score)

Unfortunately for those shows, their titular female heroines don’t display as many sterling examples of female empowerment as
“She-Hulk.” Who could resist teaching their daughter to be as strong as She-Hulk was while twerking with rapper Megan Thee Stallion?

The unconfirmed news comes as somewhat of a surprise. Marvel has yet to announce a second season for any Disney+ show other than the critically acclaimed “Loki” and “What If?” series. If Disney and Marvel follow through on this second “She Hulk” season, they’ll be taking a huge gamble on their most unpopular project. All this at a time when their box office numbers are flailing, their prized VFX department is unionizing and rumors that fearless leader Kevin Feige is looking for an exit are running rampant.

Seems like a great idea to green-light a show people hated while your franchise crumbles beneath you!