REPORT: 50 Cent Launches Mic Into Crowd That Allegedly Hits Fan And Causes Gash In Her Forehead

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: Page Six

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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50 Cent is reportedly a suspect in a criminal battery investigation after he allegedly launched a microphone into the crowd and injured a fan during his concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Video footage of the event shows 50 Cent being handed multiple defunct microphones, according to TMZ. The famous rapper threw each one that didn’t function into the crowd, the clip appears to show, eventually launching one with all his might after visibly becoming enraged by the situation. One microphone hit an unnamed fan in the forehead and caused a bloody gash that required medical attention, TMZ reported.

In videos and images shared online, the alleged victim can be seen in the back of an ambulance, inside a hospital and with bloody towels on her forehead. A deep laceration is also visible on her forehead.

The woman filed a police report Wednesday night, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement sources believe 50 Cent threw the microphone at his crew, which was situated in a production area of the arena, the outlet reported. The alleged victim was not supposed to have entered that restricted space, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Cardi B Slams Microphone At Fan After Scary On-Stage Incident In Las Vegas)

The woman told police that 50 Cent looked directly at her before he launched the microphone, the outlet reported. She claimed he knew she was standing there yet still threw the microphone directly at her, according to TMZ.

50 Cent is currently on his “Final Lap” tour. The artist has not issued public comment about the matter. The investigation into the rapper’s alleged criminal battery is ongoing.