The Cast Vying For ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Is Unveiled, And Its Total Insanity


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Variety and ABC revealed the up-coming contestants for “The Golden Bachelor” Wednesday, and its the best kind of insanity I’ve seen from television in a long, long time.

ABC announced in July its upcoming fall season of “Bachelor Nation” would be something utterly brand new. Instead of dealing with useless screaming Gen Z kids, we were introduced to Gerry Turner, the absolute stud silver fox who will be the first ever “Golden Bachelor.”

Turner, 72, is a retired grandfather who is looking for love for the rest of his life. He was married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years, but she suddenly died in 2017. Now, he’s letting the rest of his love life land in the hands of ABC’s producers. And the network’s choices for his potential partners are actually pretty freaking cool.

Though Turner didn’t have a say in casting, he asked that women be in the general age range of 60 to 70, “but feel free to blur the lines,” he told Variety.

All of the women are stunningly beautiful and in their 60s to mid-70s. In fact, contestant Christina is 73, and she looks younger than the 60-year-olds! For some reason, Pamela is my favorite thus far. I think it’s her genuinely happy smile and the fact she loves to drink cocktails on her hammock (same, girl. Same).

But all of these gorgeous gals aren’t just here to help Turner find love … they’re also here to give all women hope that (A), we can look this good when we’re on the other side of 60, and (B), never give up on finding true love. (RELATED: REPORT: Superstar Country Musician & Actor’s Ex Is Now Dating The Hottest Thing In Reality Television)

The first episode drops September 28, and you can bet I’ll be watching. But, let’s be honest, he’s going to end up with Kris Jenner eventually. I am so here for the insanity in the meantime, though!