Nebraska Cops Pull Over Man With Full-Grown Bull In Passenger Seat Of His Car


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Cops pulled over a man in Nebraska on Wednesday morning after receiving reports that he was driving down a busy highway with a full-sized bull in the passenger seat of his car.

Norfolk police officers pulled Lee Meyer over after witnesses phoned the department about a car driving into town with a cow in it. “[The officers] thought that it was going to be a calf, something small or something that would actually fit inside the vehicle,” Police Captain Chad Reiman told News Channel Nebraska.

When officers caught up to Meyer, they found the occupant wasn’t a calf at all, but a full-sized Watusi bull named Howdy Doody, the outlet reported.

Video of the incident shows Meyer driving in a modified Ford Crown Victoria with Howdy Doody looming large over the passenger side of the car. The vehicle had been outfitted with a guard rail to keep the black-and-white spotted animal secured, while a portion of the windshield had been removed to allow room for Howdy Doody’s massive head and curving horns. (RELATED: Black Bear Opens Vehicle’s Door And Jumps Right In)

Reiman said officers issued Meyer a warning after conducting the (not so) routine traffic stop. “There were some citable issues with that situation. The officer chose to write him a warning and ask him to take the animal back home and leave the city,” the police captain told News Channel Nebraska.