Burglars Took $162,000 Worth Of Jewelry From Ciryl Gane’s Home While He Was In Middle Of Main Event UFC Fight: REPORT

(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Ain’t this a bee — and I ain’t talkin’ bumble.

Ciryl Gane squared off against Serghei Spivac in a main event fight Saturday at UFC Fight Night in Paris, with Gane getting the TKO victory in the second round. However, that glory ended up being short-lived as Gane found out his apartment had been robbed when he returned home.

Gane’s house in Nogent-sur-Marne, which is around a 15-minute train ride from Paris, was burglarized while he was in the middle of the UFC event, according to French media outlet Le Parisian. The culprits reportedly made off with a Rolex watch and other jewelry valued at 150,000 Euros (nearly $162,000)

The burglar(s) forced open the front door to gain access to the apartment, according to the outlet.

Le Parisian also highlighted that it’s not uncommon for European athletes to get their houses robbed during games.

Yet another reason why I have no interest going too deep into Europe.

I love how Le Parisian just casually reported that it’s completely normal for athletes to get burglarized during games. Like, I can’t wrap my head around that.

Let’s use soccer, for example. We’re all aware how intense Europeans get about soccer, and we know the massive amount of pressure that players have to deal with to deliver winning results in games, but at the same time … they have to deal with just casually getting robbed while in the middle of said games where they’re supposed to deliver said winning results? (RELATED: Check Out This List Of The Crazy Amount Of Celebrities Who Showed Up To Watch Lionel Messi Play In Los Angeles)

And they’re not doing anything about this considering this has been happening for a very long time now? There’s no protection for the players whatsoever? The ones they apply said pressure on to win?

Makes no sense. Europe is wacky, man. Just absolutely wacky.