Three-Legged Bear Raids Home, Drinks Alcoholic Beverages Out Of Fridge

[Screenshot/Public/YouTube/WESH 2 News]

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A three-legged bear made its way to a Florida home, broke into the patio, raided the fridge and enjoyed a couple of White Claws Sunday, according to a video shared by the homeowners.

Joseph Diglio, 13, was watching television with the family dog when his attention was drawn to a disturbance near the backyard pool. A video shared with WESH showed a three-legged bear, known by local residents as Tripod, hobbling its way toward the family’s lanai.

Busting through the screen of the lanai, Tripod immediately made his way towards the family’s outdoor kitchen. “Oh my God, I’ve never been this close to a bear,” Diglio could be heard saying as the unexpected visitor made himself at home on the patio.

Oh my God, look at him!” he exclaimed again as Tripod began rummaging through their cabinets, even opening the outdoor fridge – a move that unnerved the young teen.


“Once I saw him open the fridge, I got scared that he could open the doors to like the houses,” Diglio told WESH, explaining that sight prompted him to lock all the doors in the house.

Josaury Faneite-Diglio, Diglio’s mother, revealed that Tripod ate the fish food stored next to their outdoor fish tank and helped himself to three White Claws from the outdoor fridge. “He took three White Claws, drank, and left very happy. His favorite flavor is mango and strawberry,” she told the outlet. (RELATED: Bear Crashes Colorado Wedding, Gobbles Up All The Cannoli)

Faneite-Diglio added that although Tripod damaged their screen and ransacked their fridge, she wasn’t scared or annoyed by his presence. “He lives here; we respect their habitat as much as we can,” she told the outlet.