‘Current F*cking Day!’: Streamer’s Rant About Pronouns In Highly Anticipated Video Game Goes Viral


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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The popular video game streamer HeelvsBabyface went on a now-viral rant about the new game “Starfield,” which lets players choose their own pronouns.

HeelvsBabyface, who has 346,000 subscribers on YouTube, made the comments after Bethesda Game Studios released Starfield, a game which allows users to choose “they/them” pronouns for their custom-made characters. A video of his rant shared on Twitter has more than 5 million views, and the streamer’s original YouTube video has 186,000.

“There is nothing I love more than to sit down, comfy chair, turn on the PC, fire up a brand-new RPG, lose myself, think, ‘Oh my God just think of this world! Just think of all the planets I can visit — all the immersive things that I can get involved with, all the fights, all the relationships, all the people I meet, all the places I go, I’m so excited to go there,'” the streamer began. “And you know, I love nothing more than with all of that laid out in front of me, I love nothing more than to be dragged down at every fucking conceivable opportunity so you can fucking ‘current-day’ us!”

“Sorry, did you want to get immersed in our world? Yeah, well guess what? Fucking pronouns. Fucking gender ambiguity, fucking current day Californian shit, because that’s all we fucking know. Because we’re boring. We’re so fucking boring. We can’t see past our own fucking reflection.” (RELATED: One Of The Most Violent And Offensive Video Game Franchises Ever Is Getting A Woke Makeover)

Bethesda announced this month that the game would allow users to change their pronouns retroactively, even if they are incongruous with their appearance. Proponents of the move say that the game helps represent players who do not identify with their biological sex.

“That’s the level of our narcissism here that the Bethesda game company — fuck your emotion, fuck you having a good time,  fuck you falling into a world and just getting lost. No, no, no — current fucking day!”

Changing one’s pronouns in the game will cost 500 “credits” and can be done in the same way a player would change anything about the appearance of their avatar.

“Fuck off! You’re boring, you’re fucking dull. You have nothing to say. You are a one hived mind twat waffle. That’s all you fucking are, and you wonder why people are getting so fucking sick and tired,” the rant continues. “You take everything we love, all our immersions, all our fantasies, all our escapism, and you just can’t help shovel your dog shit fucking crap ideology into everything, every single solitary fucking thing.”

Some gamers have decided to boycott the new release over the pronoun options.

Liberals have previously blasted Bethesda, the studio behind games in the popular Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises, for not taking a strong enough stances on issues like abortion and transgenderism. In June, a former employee who identifies as trans accused Bethesda and its parent company ZeniMax of transphobia and discrimination for allegedly pressuring the employee to resign and denying health coverage.

Although the company has made statements in support of Black Lives Matter and Pride celebrations in the past, some employees were upset that the company had not specifically said whether it would support relocation or travel for women seeking abortions.