‘We’ve Got To Run’: Liberal Hosts Lose It, Hang Up On Journalist During Heated Discussion On Trans Procedures For Kids


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Podcaster Jesse Singal engaged in an explosive argument with a pair of liberal hosts while defending his research questioning sex change treatments for minors on Wednesday’s episode of “The Majority Report.”

Singal called into the show to discuss the hosts’ Sam Seder and Emma Vigeland’s public statements about his work covering gender medicine. Singal is known for his critical stance on gender ideology and sex change treatments for minors. (RELATED: Pediatricians Urge Medical Group To Reverse ‘Scientifically Unproven’ Transgender Guidelines)

Singal acknowledged that Twitter tends to cause a lot of “drama” and that he has been a significant player in it. He told the hosts that though they have different stances on gender medicine, there are probably issues they could probably agree on.

“Jesse, I just want to make something clear. I don’t care where we agree on. That is, I can’t tell you how irrelevant it is to me what we agree on, whether it is the context of trans stuff, whether it is in the context of any other politics,” Seder said.

“The reason why I think you are toxic and, at best, extremely unhelpful in this area is that you distort the importance of this issue,” Seder said.

Seder told Singal that he takes issue with how his work is used by Republican politicians to justify stripping away transgender rights, such as sex changes for minors. He told Singal that his work is being used as a “means to attack trans people.”

Vigeland pointed out that Signal tends to point out so-called outlier cases that dissent from the “overwhelming data” that shows sex change treatments for children “is effective and helps reduce suicidal ideation.” Vigeland also said that the “desistor myth” only amounts to a “small edge case.”

“Oh, but what you said isn’t true. There isn’t overwhelming evidence,” Singal said.

A visibly flustered Vigeland then asked Singal if he had read the Journal of Pediatrics’ research on this issue. Singal confirmed that he’s written two pieces responding to the journal’s research. Singal said that although the study showed that 93% of the children who “social transitioned” at an early age continued for the next five years. However, Singal says, none of those children were diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

Vigeland asked Singal if he believed that sex change treatments are effective with children, to which he responded he does not.

“I am with the five European countries who have looked into this question closely and all of them are like ‘we don’t know yet, we need more data,'” Singal said, “So no, it’s not established.”

Vigeland then asked him again if he believed that “established standards of care” in America are effective for children and should be utilized for trans-identifying youth.

“The standards of care say that kids should get like one to two years of therapy before they transition,” Singal said.

Singal and Vigeland then got into a back-and-forth over whether Jamie Reed, the whistleblower from the Washington University Transgender Center, has been discredited. Vigeland insisted that her allegations have been debunked. Singal disagreed but did not elaborate on why he thought so.

“We’ve got to run, but people can look this up. There have been lies over and over proven that she has put out there, which you took at face value,” Vigeland said.

Singal told her that they could discuss these issues in more detail when she makes her appearance on his podcast. Vigeland said that she desires to engage with people who act “in good faith” and that he should consider having a transgender person on the show instead of a transgender activist.

“You’re backing out, it’s unfortunate,” Singal said.

The New York Times recently confirmed whistleblower Reed’s account of gender transitions at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Reed identifies as “a queer woman” and is married to a transgender person. “Given the secrecy and lack of rigorous standards that characterize youth gender transition across the country, I believe that to ensure the safety of American children, we need a moratorium on the hormonal and surgical treatment of young people with gender dysphoria,” Reed wrote in her February whistleblower report.

Reed’s allegations about cursory standards of care at the transgender clinic prompted an investigation into the center by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.