‘They Sewed It Back On’: Portland State Football Player Gets His Ear Ripped Off In Blowout Loss To Oregon

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Rough, just rough.

When small school Portland State signed up to play powerhouse Oregon to kick off the new college football season, they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into — a blowout loss and an easy check.

However, one thing they didn’t expect was one of their player’s ears getting ripped off, which ended up happening Saturday in the 81-7 misery-fest against the Ducks, according to Vikings head coach Bruce Barnum.

Portland State, which is an FCS program that competes in the Big Sky Conference, was paid $575,000 to play (and lose) against Oregon. Dinky colleges, including PSU, rely on these paydays to fill their annual budget. But come to find out, the Vikings would also have to give up a bloody ear to get the flashy bank deposit.

“We’re fine. We had one guy get his ear ripped off. They sewed it back on and now they say he has a concussion, so he’s out, but I think he’s fine,” said Barnum. “Not the whole ear; a partial ear detachment. I think it was from when he got his helmet knocked off, so I think his ear didn’t come out of his helmet.”

Barnum didn’t identify the player.


I truly hate it for the player.

You go out there knowing that you’re going to get your ass kicked, you know that you’re just being used for a big payday for the school that you won’t see a dime of, just going through the motions until you head back to Portland, and then boom! Your ear gets ripped off. (RELATED: LSU Fans Call For Brian Kelly’s Firing After Outright Humiliating Loss To Florida State)

You talk about a day of hell, good lord.