MAGA Fans Drop Huge ‘Trump Or Death’ Banner At Yankees Game

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Queue liberals’ heads exploding in 3 … 2 … 1 …

The New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers squared off Wednesday night in the Bronx, with the pinstripes getting the 4-3 victory — not that it really mattered with both teams being trash, which is exactly why I’m not blogging about the actual game.

When it comes to the entertainment value from this snooze-fest, the only direction that I’m looking in is what happened in the seventh inning with the traditional singing of “God Bless America.” During the song, supporters of former President Donald Trump rolled out a huge flag that read “Trump or Death.” And when I say huge, I mean yuuuuuge.

Just check out this thing:

Also, who else got Joey Chestnut vibes when they saw the Nathan’s advertisement beside the flag?


I totally got Joey Chestnut vibes.

Anyways, you guys know where I stand politically. Before campaign season started, I was either picking Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis — whoever won the Republican primary out of the two. At this point, it looks like Trump (and by a lot, at that), so you can consider me aboard the Trump Train, which is fine with me considering we get to keep DeSantis in Florida. Perfect situation for me.

I remember how glorious the 2016 and 2020 election seasons were with all the Trump flags poppin’ out of nowhere, so this moment right here made me think about that. I don’t know about the whole “Trump or Death” quote. Seems a bit too much for me (I’m not dying over another man … but love ya, Trump), however, I can dig the nostalgia. (RELATED: NFL Replaces ‘End Racism’ With ‘Play Football’ In End Zones)

And it also has me thinking the 2024 cycle is going to be just as fun as 2016 and 2020, and I’m totally game for that.