NFL Replaces ‘End Racism’ With ‘Play Football’ In End Zones

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @SportsRadio810]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Kudos to the NFL for this common sense move!

Back in 2020 (the weirdest year ever), the NFL decided to get involved in the social justice game like every other corporation did, putting an “End Racism” slogan in all their end zones. However, it looks like they may be moving away from that — yeeaahh! (*LA Knight voice*)

Three years ago, the NFL was going hardcore with their social justice movement, not only posting “End Racism” in their end zones, but also phrases like “It Takes All Of Us.”

During Sunday’s preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs, it was noticed that the NFL had replaced its “End Racism” slogan in the end zone with “Play Football,” with Fox 4’s PJ Green publishing a photo on Twitter of the switch up.

Here’s a video where you can see a few shots of the change:

And just like that, the NFL returns to common sense and just good ol’ fashioned pigskin! (RELATED: High School Football Coach Arrested After Allegedly Punching Player In Stomach: REPORT)

Back to football, baby.