‘Judgment Is Coming’: Man Accused Of Beating Elderly Woman With Cane Bursts Into Religious Rant During Perp Walk

[Screenshot/Public/YouTube/Fox 5 New York]

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The man accused of relentlessly beating a 60-year-old woman with her own cane in a New York City subway station Sept. 1 screamed that “judgment is coming” in an apocalyptic rant while being escorted by law enforcement officials Wednesday.

Norton Blake, 43, was arrested in Harlem on felony assault charges after the alleged brutal beating of 60-year-old Laurell Reynolds with whom he had had an argument while the two were climbing up the subway station stairs Friday, according to NBC New York. Blake allegedly charged at the woman with an umbrella before seizing her cane to beat her more than 50 times in an assault captured on video. (RELATED: Horrifying Video Shows Attacker Beating Woman With Her Own Cane More Than 50 Times)

After the victim’s cane broke in half due to Blake’s alleged assault, the suspect proceeded to pummel Reynolds with his fists, finishing off the attack by kicking the 60-year-old woman in the head multiple times.

After police caught up with Blake on Sept. 5, and arrested him, they brought him out of NYPD’s Transit Bureau District 3 headquarters in Harlem, where he declared, “I am a man of the Lord, and I should not be treated in this manner,” the New York Post reported.

Blake continued to rant, claiming that “Judgment was coming upon the face of the Earth” daring bystanders to “take all the pictures” they wanted. “You’ll remember this when the Lord brings his wrath upon you and this society!” he yelled.

Reynolds’ daughter, Lashanne Reese, expressed her frustration that in the two-minute video of the alleged assault on her mother, no one stepped in to help her. “That man could’ve killed my mother … You all did nothing. I have a problem with that,” she stated, according to The New York Post.

MTA Chairman Janno Lieber defended the MTA worker who filmed the attack, however, saying she “did absolutely the right thing,” NBC New York reported.

“She collected evidence by videoing what was going on, immediately contacted the rail control center where there is an NYPD officer stationed. So both contacting the RCC but also the NYPD, that actually brought on a fast response from the NYPD, “Lieber explained, adding the MTA is training its agents how to deal with “conflict situations,” the outlet stated.

Reynolds was taken to a local hospital after the alleged assault with extensive bruising and is expected to recover, according to NBC New York.