Drag Queen Taylor Swift Impersonator Packs Venues In The Philippines


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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A drag queen Taylor Swift impersonator is filling venues in the Philippines with free concerts after the American singer skipped over the country during her popular “Eras” tour.

Swift’s tour has enjoyed such popularity that Ticketmaster crashed as fans tried to purchase tickets for her shows, with some tickets soaring in price to $20,000. The debacle prompted an investigation by the Tennessee Attorney General and a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (RELATED: Oklahoma School Defends Hiring Drag Queen Arrested On Drug, Porn Charges)

The tour includes some stops outside the U.S., including in the United Kingdom, Japan, France and Italy. Fans in the Philippines were disappointed, but not surprised, when her tour failed to come to their country.

Taylor Sheesh, a drag queen impersonator, quickly came to the rescue at the request of the fan group Swifties Philippines, Vulture reports.

Sheesh and the group of fans rented out shopping malls and large outdoor venues for the free performances, and even included outfit changes to match the costumes Swift herself wears.

“Swifties Philippines and I organised our event about three weeks before. It took two weeks to make the costumes. I put the rhinestones on them one by one,” Sheesh said.

“The hardest is the quick changes [which I] only have 30-45 seconds for. I have two to three friends helping me since there’s a lot happening. There are two to three outfits beneath the ball gown. It’s really hard. You can only imagine how chaotic it is backstage. I’m yelling because I don’t want to be late before the next song starts,” the drag performer said, per the outlet.

“We thank her not just for her songs but for helping us survive every day,” the impersonator said, according to Vulture. “We believe that for every situation, there is a Taylor Swift song.”