Energy Secretary Traveled To Tout Green Tech, Police Were Involved When There Weren’t Enough EV Chargers


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, reportedly forced a family to call the police on her entourage during a summer tour of the southeast U.S. to promote green energy, NPR reported.

Granholm’s fleet of electric vehicles, which included a Cadillac and a Ford F-150, needed charging so they were brought to a fast-charging station in Grovetown, Georgia, according to NPR.

The charging station had four chargers, one of which was broken while the others were occupied. Her staff attempted to reserve one of the chargers for her, blocking it with a non-electric vehicle, NPR reported.

A family that was attempting to charge their own vehicle, was reportedly “boxed out — on a sweltering day, with a baby in the vehicle,” per NPR. The family called the police on Granholm’s team over the incident.

The sheriff’s office responded but “couldn’t do anything,” according to Domonoske because it was “not illegal for a non-EV to claim a charging spot in Georgia,” according to the outlet.

Granholm’s staffers eventually shuffled other vehicles to the slower chargers so that both the frustrated family and the secretary had room to charge,” per NPR. (RELATED: Biden’s Energy Secretary Says ‘We Can All Learn From China’ On Climate Policy)

The embattled energy secretary faced backlash previously for her role in now-bankrupt electric bus company Proterra. Granholm reportedly owned stocks of the failed company while in a position to regulate their industry, according to the Associated Press.

Granholm also admitted to Congress she violated the STOCKS Act in 2021. “I did fail to file a report in my first year that I thought was supposed to be filed at the end of the year and had to have been filed three months earlier, so I was late,” she told Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley.