Orangutan Straight Up Yeets Possum As Onlookers Scream In Horror

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — New York Post]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Pure savage — holy hell.

Visitors at an Australian zoo were outright terrified after an orangutan utterly launched a possum from the top of its enclosure while the pest was invading its area.

The viral video comes out of Australia‘s west coast at Perth Zoo, with the critter being hurled in the air by the ape while on top of a tall metal tower and then vanishing without a trace.

“Oh, my God!,” one person was heard yelling while others were also screaming in the background.

The orangutan then comes out of the enclosure, appearing to check on where the possum landed.

“I would presume it did not survive the fall. Obviously the loss of any living creature saddens us, but also nature playing out,” a Perth Zoo official said to Yahoo! News Australia.


This is pretty wild.

A lot of people are feeling bad about the possum, despite it being a disgusting diseased pest. I personally say screw that thing. And what’s interesting is that the possum apparently went through more punishment than just being slung to his death.

The person who originally uploaded the video online, doing so on Reddit, said the orangutan was actually “throwing the possum around on the ground” before the critter climbed up the pole to get into the ape’s enclosure. When they got there, the orangutan then “started poking it with a stick.”

So in other words, what we saw here was a good ol’ fashioned Stone Cold-style a**-whoopin’. (RELATED: Hurricane Idalia Blew Exotic Flamingos Into The United States. Now, They’re All Over The Country)

And then to make this situation even more hilarious, the orangutan ended up throwing the possum into another exhibit where there were a couple of other orangutans, according to the Reddit user — most likely to get beat up again in its death.

Brutal, just outright brutal.