Museums Handed 44-Page Guidance On How To ‘Stimulate Positive Explorations Of Gender’ For Trans Children

(Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Frances Floresca Contributor
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Museums in the United Kingdom were provided with guidance on how to advance transgender inclusive environments for children around the country.

The booklet by the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, University of Leicester, and Economic and Social Research Council states museums should “stimulate positive explorations of gender” for children.

“Seeing trans representation in a museum is a fantastic moment in history,” a label in the 44-page guidebook from the Museum of Transology read. (RELATED: Museum Dedicated To Women Will Be ‘Inclusive,’ Include Trans Women)

“Trans inclusion can, and must, sit squarely alongside their commitment and their work to be anti-racist, to challenge sexism and support women’s rights to combat ableism and all forms of prejudice and discrimination,” another page of the guide said.

It also suggested museum staff not ask children to “disclose their gender identity,” but if a child “chooses to do so, it is important that your response is affirming and that you remember it is the child’s decision as to whether they choose to share that information with others.”

The booklet also gave advice on how to handle discriminatory co-workers and even suggested placing “menstrual products in all the toilets – including the male toilets – to ensure that everyone who needs them has access to sanitary products.”

It noted “individuals and groups that hold transexclusionary views have become increasingly bold in their opposition” and claims they contribute a to “climate of fear.”

Even with a handful of organizations supporting the guidelines, it has also received criticism.

“They don’t see it, but it’s a work of bigotry,” Helen Joyce, director of Sex Matters told The Telegraph. “They treat the belief that there are two sexes as if it’s totally beyond the pale.”

In June, a male performer at a new LGBT exhibit in Canada appeared to expose himself to minors in the audience, according to a video.