Gen Z Women Are Totally Against Kids Getting Tattoos, But Are Fine With Puberty Blockers


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Malik Lahrim was at it again Friday, asking another big question for “Man vs Street.” Should kids be able to consent to puberty blockers?

For those who don’t know, puberty blockers essentially stop children from being able to mature into adulthood, according to the Mayo Clinic. They’re specifically pushed on kids who think they’re transgender and have a whole host of horrendous side effects. The fact puberty blockers exist is absolutely insane to me, but apparently not to everyone.

Lahrim was smart with this week’s question, first asking a group of girls whether children should be allowed to get tattoos. All of the women agreed that children and teenagers were not mature enough to make such a permanent decision for themselves. But for some reason, the same logic went out the window when these same women were asked about puberty blockers.

“Yes, it’s a permanent change on their body, but I think that, at that point in their life they probably know who they are, who they want to be,” one girl said, after literally just saying kids shouldn’t get tattoos for the exact same reason. (RELATED: Gen Z Has No Idea Who Did 9/11, But Apparently America Shouldn’t Be Surprised It Happened)

One girl said she does think kids should be given more time to consider the decision, but she didn’t want to “put down” the transgender community (i.e., get canceled).

Thankfully, not everyone felt this way. One guy rightfully stated that 12-years-old is way too young to make any kind of decision on puberty blockers … and tattoos!