‘I’m Built A Little Differently’: Trump Says He Doesn’t Worry About Going To Jail

[Screenshot/NBC News]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former President Donald Trump said Sunday in an interview with NBC News’ Kristen Welker that he’s not worried about going to jail because he is “built a little differently.”

Trump was indicted in August by special counsel Jack Smith over charges relating to alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 riot. Trump has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. The former president has also been indicted in Georgia for allegedly conspiring to overturn the election as well as in New York City for allegedly paying his former attorney to pay off a porn star. Trump was also indicted for allegedly taking classified documents.

“I want to know what’s in your head, when you go to bed at night do you worry about going to jail?” Welker asked. (RELATED: ‘Not Allowed To COMMENT?’: Trump Responds To Jack Smith’s Gag Order Request)

“No I don’t really, I don’t even think about it. I’m built a little differently I guess because I’ve had people come up to me and say how do you do it, sir, how do you do it? I don’t even think about it,” Trump said. “These are corrupt people that I’m dealing with. They’re destroying the country. I don’t even think about it. All I think about is making our country great, making America great. Look, these are political, these are banana republic indictments. These are third world indictments.”

Trump then argued that President Joe Biden sees that Trump is up in the polls and therefore had to find a way to take Trump out of the race.