Hurricane Nigel Expected To Erupt Into Major System: Here’s Its Current Trajectory


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Hurricane Nigel is set to erupt into a major storm system, Tuesday, but its current trajectory has it nowhere near the U.S.

The National Hurricane Center said Monday that Hurricane Nigel is currently moving at a speed of 80 mph, and it’s traveling northwest throughout the Atlantic Ocean. Though Nigel is expected to turn into a major hurricane by Tuesday, its current trajectory sees it traveling far east of Bermuda, before taking a significant eastwards direction as of Wednesday, before slowing its role and dissipating Saturday into a post-tropical storm.

While the weather could see large swells throughout parts of Ireland, and maybe even mainland Europe, it doesn’t appear to pose a substantial threat to the U.S. This is a huge relief, and hopefully means we won’t have to deal with any preparation and risk for the coming days.

However, NHC shared a graphic to Twitter on Saturday, revealing at least one area within the Atlantic basin is being monitored for development. The area has a 70% chance of developing into a cyclone within the next seven days (at the time of writing).

The system is being described as a “tropical wave,” which is “expected to move off the west coast of Africa by Wednesday.” (RELATED: People Noticed An Oddly Fitting Weather Pattern Around Sac City)

Another disturbance along the eastern shores of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas has a 30% chance of developing into a cyclone in the next week. But this will only happen if the system remains off-shore while moving gradually further north.