Insane Video Shows Tornado Tearing Through France


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An absolutely insane video was shared Sunday, showing a tornado ripping through France, a country that almost never sees such extreme weather events.

The tornado appears to be traveling directly toward a neighborhood, according to the footage. It’s unclear precisely the damage that was incurred, but the giant hail, floods and incredibly rare tornado battered the region of Normandy, according to The Connexion.

The tornado hit Normandy after a series of storms moved north-eastward across the European nation, according to another article from The Connexion. Officials advised locals and tourists to be on high-alert after the extreme rare weather event.

At least 33 departments (counties) were placed under the alert, which stretched all the way down to the southwest. Only some parts of southeastern France were not under any type of warning.

Thankfully, no deaths have been reported, and no one is missing. Other videos posted online show heavy flooding in Saint Martin, as well as the palm-sized hail that fell near Saint-Clar. (RELATED: Thousands Forced To Flee As Wildfire Rages Through Greece)

France is the latest European nation to be hit with extreme weather. Greece recently dealt with extreme wildfires, followed almost immediately by catastrophic flooding.