‘You All Need Jesus’: Mom And Son Clap Back At Haters Who Thought Their Emotional Hug Was Too Much

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Utah mom Amber Wright and her son told off haters who went after them for sharing an emotional hug after his high school football game.

Wright posted a video in August showing her and her 16-year-old son, Brixton, in a tight embrace after his first football game since his father died in April, according to a Sept. 15 interview with TODAY. The video clearly raised eyebrows, as Wright went on to total virality.

She received countless comments on the post, and not all of them were particularly kind. Most people seemed to focus on the fact Wright’s son picked her up during the embrace. Clearly, this irked a few folks.

“I’m a single mom and very close to my sons. I hug them in public without hesitation – but straddling them in high heels would cross a line neither of us would be comfortable with,” one woman wrote. “To each their own, but this appears to be an unusual relationship.”


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“One of my best friends recorded the moment where Brix picked me up and I thought it was so cute,” Wright told TODAY. “I was so proud. I was a proud mom hugging her kid. I never expected it to turn into something where people are like, ‘You’re sexually abusing him! You’re grooming him! I’m calling child protective services.'” (RELATED: Stunning Mom Of Dyson Daniels Steals The Show At 2022 NBA Draft)

Wright’s son also responded to the shared virality via a comment on his mom’s Instagram. “She’s never abused me done anything sexual with me or my friends or groomed me. She’s my mom she is my hero the vid of us hugging was a HUG. Go bother someone else and maybe hug your own kids. You all need Jesus damn,” Brixton wrote.

Both have also received many messages of support on socials, which is nice to hear.