‘Insane’ Storm Batters Oklahoma And Texas With Enormous Hailstones


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A severe thunderstorm rolled through Oklahoma and Texas on Tuesday, blanketing the region with insanely large hail.

Although the National Weather Service ranked the storm a 2 out of 5, that didn’t stop crazy scenes from being shared on social media. In Quanah, Texas, 1-inch hailstones pounded already wet streets, looking like the first snowstorm of the fall season.

The “insane” storm was as loud as it was epic.

“The downside to this hail is it’s going to be flying at you anywhere between 40 mph to upwards of potentially 80 mph,” Fox meteorologist Jason Frazer said. “That means that anything that you have outside, you are going to need to be on alert for.” (RELATED: Video Shows Aftermath Of Rare Apocalyptic Weather Event)

Extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer warned that a “gorilla hail producer” was on its way to Denton, Texas. Thankfully, it appears half the town was spared from the beating, though it did start to flood. By Wednesday morning, the risk level of storm damage dropped to marginal, and appeared to move further north and out of Texas.