Video Shows Aftermath Of Rare Apocalyptic Weather Event


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared by AccuWeather, Saturday, showed a thick blanket of hail covering the streets of Reutlingen, Germany, like something out of “The Day After Tomorrow.”

The hailstorm was so heavy that the streets of Reutlingen had to be plowed as if it were the depths of winter, as seen in the video shared by AccuWeather. City officials stated that the hail formed a 12-inch drift in some areas, forcing around 250 firefighters to take part in the cleanup, the BBC reported.

The city narrowly escaped catastrophe. The Echaz River in the center of the city rose by five feet, bursting its banks, in just five minutes of the storm, according to the Independent. Drainage systems were blocked, with water pouring into basements and underground garages, but thankfully there was no major damage to the city’s infrastructure.

For those of you who haven’t seen the extremely fun apocalypse film “The Day After Tomorrow,” the open half of the story depicts extreme hail storms and snow in parts of the world that typically avoid such weather, like India.

At the same time, freezing cold water pours into the northern Atlantic Ocean as icebergs melt and break off from Greenland. Though this happens on a fairly regular basis, a recent video showed a huge iceberg approaching a small town in Canada. (RELATED: A Blind Bulgarian Mystic Predicted The Events Of 2022 Before She Died, And They’re Eerily On-Point)

While there is a lot that “The Day After Tomorrow” got technically correct, the overall storyline is not something that could happen in reality. Either way, it’s a great movie, and it’ll make you have a little more respect for the power of our planet.