‘I Don’t Want Little Chicken Wings’: Heidi Klum Reflects On Being A Victoria’s Secret Angel


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Supermodel Heidi Klum reflected on her long career in the modeling industry and shared what it was really like to be a Victoria’s Secret (VS) angel during a recent interview with People.

The legendary supermodel is one of the most recognizable names and faces in the fashion industry, and the honorable position she holds is not lost on her. “I was proud of being in Victoria’s Secret,” she told People in an interview published Thursday.

Being recognized as a VS angel was an exhilarating experience, according to Klum. She discussed what it was like to star in the prestigious brand’s runway shows and television specials as one of the era’s most beloved models.

“I was super appreciative that they would pick me instead of someone else,” Klum told the outlet. “Oh, and they made us wear these wings, and da-da-da.’ I’m like, ‘I always wanted the wings.'” she added, referring to the iconic “wings” Victoria’s Secret angels often wear on the runway.

Klum seemed to fully embody the role of a VS angel as part of her 13-year relationship with the famous fashion house. “Everyone is watching. I don’t want little chicken wings. I want the biggest wings you could possibly have, and I wore them proudly,” she said.

Klum further shared how special she felt to be adorned in the Victoria’s Secret angel wings. (RELATED: 49-Year-Old Supermodel Heidi Klum Says She’s Open To Having Another Baby)

“And I was upset if I didn’t get the biggest ones!” she said, laughing as she recalled her excitement and ambition. “I would go to the top, and I’d be like, ‘Why am I having these small wings? I want bigger wings.’ Because for me it was always like a moment; this is the VS show.”