Moose Headbutts And Stomps Woman In Vicious Attack

(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This makes Colorado so much cooler in my eyes.

Wildlife officials in The Centennial State are currently investigating a moose attack after the animal reportedly injured a woman and her dog while they were on a walk Wednesday.

The cow moose charged while they were walking along the South Saint Vrain Trail, which is north of the town of Ward, outside Boulder (the home of Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes), according to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department news release. The moose reportedly head-butted the woman and stomped on her several times.

The woman, whose identity is currently unknown, reportedly contacted local police after walking to a neighbor’s house. She was then taken to a nearby hospital, according to officials. Authorities did not release information regarding the extent of her injuries. The dog, who was leashed, suffered minor injuries in the attack, per the news release.

And people like to give Florida ish.

Yeah, we have bugs that will bomb dive you and alligators that might chomp at you while you’re swimming, but at least we don’t have something like a moose that will completely steamroll you and everything else in its path. I’m just sayin’ … I think we get a bit of a bad rap when it comes to our wildlife. (RELATED: A New Hunt For Bigfoot Is Being Launched. Where Do I Sign Up?)

But this is nothing against you, Colorado. Hell, this just adds to the aura Deion Sanders has put on your state.

Plus, you guys got the Denver Nuggets, who just won the NBA title and … well … will probably win again this season.


And then you have your wildlife, of course, led by the moose.

I see you, Colorado. I see you. Swag.