‘It’s A Lie From Satan!’: Bryce Mitchell Goes Off On Michael Bisping After Saying He Believes Humans Come From Monkeys

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My man kept it G though!

UFC star Bryce Mitchell recently made an appearance on the “BelieveYouMe” podcast with UFC legend Michael Bisping and UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith, and at one point, Mitchell called out Bisping about his belief that humans come from monkeys.

“Do you believe that we evolved from monkeys?” asked Mitchell to Bisping.

At first, Bisping chuckled, but after some nudging from Mitchell, he simply responded with, “Yes.”

And well … the incredibly based Mitchell went the hell off.

“Bullsh*t! It’s Bullsh*t! It’s bullsh*t! It’s a lie from Satan!” yelled Mitchell. “You have been tricked! You have been deceived! We are not coming from monkeys! We are the apex predators!”


Bryce Mitchell gets it, man.

Say what you want about his aggression — I just chalk it up to him being a UFC fighter and being passionate about the Lord, which I find fantastic — but he’s 100% on point here.

It’s always been funny to me how people can believe in something as ridiculous as evolution. Like … the fact that a genius creator like God started us out as apes is crazy enough, but evolutionists are literally believing in something that the damn founder himself (Charles Darwin) wasn’t even certain of. It’s just comical. (RELATED: WWE Making Massive Changes To Company With TV Switch-Ups And Superstar Releases)

I’m an absolute believer of the Bible’s creation account, and I’m also aware that God’s time is completely different to man’s, and yes, I have a lot of questions myself about a lot of things … but to believe in evolution? To even entertain it?

Ha! The only ape ish I’m trying to be entertained by is “Planet of the Apes.”

Let’s stop with the buffoonery, ladies and gentlemen. Evolution is dumb. Or “bullsh*t,” excuse me.