Dana White Shares Video Of Man Kicking His House Door Down In Brazen Attempted Robbery

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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UFC president Dana White posted surveillance video of a male intruder attempting to kick down his front door Monday in Maine, which eventually helped police track down the suspect.

The video, shared by TMZ, shows a man violently kicking at White’s door several times, at one point almost falling backwards and losing his balance while still thumping at the door. White also posted the video on his Instagram account and offered fans a reward to help him locate the suspect. The Penobscot Sheriff’s Office confirmed police have arrested the man and that “everybody is safe,” according to TMZ.

The suspect fled the scene when he apparently realized his identity was compromised by a camera mounted next to White’s door. The unidentified man slammed the camera with his hand after seemingly noticing it had been recording his face, which was exposed without any sort of covering. He then immediately took off away from the house, the video shows.

The charges the suspect is facing remain unknown at the time of writing.

“This fuckface just tried to kick my front door in Levant, Maine,” White wrote on his Instagram story over a screenshot of the man’s face, according to TMZ. Instagram stories self-delete after 24 hours unless saved by the user.

White then turned the heat up a notch with his determination to apprehend the suspect.

“I will [give] 2500 dollars to the first person to let the police know who he is,” White wrote. (RELATED: ‘No One Gives A Sh*t!’: Dana White Flames Reporter For Asking Him Ridiculous ‘Racial Undertones’ Question)

It’s unclear if White’s monetary motivation helped lead to the suspect’s arrest.

The UFC legend took a moment to thank everyone who lent a helped hand.

“Appreciate u guys,” White wrote to his Instagram story following the suspect’s arrest. “Thanks for everyone that called and helped.”