Mr. Midas Touch Strikes Again! Deion Sanders Is Making Colorado A Lot Of Money, And In A Lot Of Different Ways: REPORT

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Man, what it must feel like to be Deion Sanders.

I’ve blogged about his Midas Touch multiple times before, and here we go again, as the projected advertising revenue for the last three weeks of Buffaloes coverage is estimated around a whopping $90 million, according to the Daily Camera.

And this is just based on pregame shows like ESPN’s “College Gameday” and Fox’s “Big Noon Kickoff.”

So when you consider the fact that the Colorado-Colorado State game was the fifth most-watched college football contest in ESPN history, and how the Buffs’ Nebraska matchup broke a Fox record for the most watched Pac-12 game ever … yeah, we’re talking about some serious dough that the university is making here.

But TV isn’t the only way Coach Prime is raking in the profits for Colorado, merchandise sales are also skyrocketing.

The Buffaloes’ team store is 892% above revenue in 2022, according to the Daily Camera. And from September up until now, merchandise sales are up a crazy 2,544% when compared to last season at this time.

Along with the massive advertising revenue and merchandise sales, another thing Deion is turning gold is Colorado’s ticket sales. Back in April, football season tickets sold out for the first time in 27 years, with the total figure of season tix being sold listed at 22,457, OutKick reported. And for the first time in history, every single home game is sold out. These numbers don’t include student tickets sold as a yearly sporting event pass, so in other words, the mark is actually bigger.

Oh, but it gets even better for Deion Sanders and Colorado. (RELATED: Deion Sanders Continues To Prove He’s Mr. Midas Touch As Colorado-Colorado State Pulls In Record-Breaking TV Ratings)

The university’s athletic department is seeing donations out of the ying-yang, with over $28 million being pulled in over the past fiscal year. Here in 2023, it’s been even better, with alumni putting $52.8 million in the Buffaloes’ bank account. The number already eclipses the $50.8 million of donations in 2022.

Deion is also having an impact on the entire city of Boulder, as the town brought in $17 million from the Nebraska game alone.

“The visit Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau projects that the 2023 CU vs. Nebraska football game brought in an estimated total of $17 million in combined direct and indirect economic impact to the area,” CU Boulder spokesperson Steve Hurlbert told the Daily Camera. “This is the economic impact of the event for the whole region, not specifically to Boulder, as visitors stayed in surrounding towns, including Denver, for the game.”

Just incredible stuff from Coach Prime, and that’s why I can’t help but to love that man so much. Mr. Midas Touch!