Rooke: Raid The Bars. Arrest The Librarians. Enough Is Enough

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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At some point, our society decided that protecting the innocence of children wasn’t a worthwhile endeavor anymore. It is wild how far and fast we’ve fallen. Ten years ago, you couldn’t have imagined that a librarian would get away with suggesting book porn to elementary school students under the guise of healthy sex and gender instruction.

Not only are they getting away with it, but the Biden administration and the other deranged actors on the far left are protecting them against parents who want it to end — the head of the U.S. education department, Sec. Miguel Cardona told the Associated Press he has no respect for the parents who passionately defend their students against these ideological attacks. “I don’t have too much respect for people that are misbehaving in public and acting like they know what’s right for kids,” Cardona said.

Adults who push “Drag Queen Brunch” or story hours at local libraries or stock elementary schools with sexually explicit materials are perverts. There is no sense in sugarcoating the obvious. It’s not hard to see that these people want to indoctrinate children into their weird sex cult. Why else would they have books about Timmy going down on Johnny in elementary school libraries or encouraging Rebecca to become Rob if not to sexualize children?

Our kids need to learn about building good moral character. Schools used to foster this in students by starting the day in prayer, saying the pledge of allegiance and sometimes reciting a school song. This routine grounded the students in faith and patriotism — teaching them to value God, their country and their community. (RELATED: ROOKE: Deion Sanders Epitomizes The Revival America Needs Right Now In Young Men)

Modern classrooms have an entirely different value system. If present at all, American flags are positioned in the far corner of the classroom. God, prayer and any form of Christianity were ripped out of school during the Free Love era. In its place, our students pledge allegiance to flags representing sexual preferences and fetishes outside of traditional life.

In a Sept. 12 Senate hearing, Republican LA Sen. John Kennedy read from two books — “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and “Gender Queer: A Memoir.” The words were so graphic Fox was forced to bleep almost every word of Kennedy’s monologue.

“I got a new strap-on harness today,” Kennedy read from “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe. “I can’t wait to put it on you. It will fit my favorite dildo perfectly. You’re going to look so hot. I can’t wait to have your cock in my mouth. I am going to give you the blowjob of your life. Then I want you inside of me.”

This is the material children are encouraged to engage with. It helps to desensitize them to sex and provoke risky behavior. Parents would go to jail if they took their 10-year-old child to a strip club, but for some reason, our society sees no issue with them sitting in a bar watching grown men fling their genitals around in a mini skirt. Drag shows are performative sex acts. Anyone suggesting children would learn to be more inclusive by spending extended time with men pretending to be women does not have their best interest in mind.

It’s time they felt humiliated again. Our children aren’t given to us to be used for their sexual pleasure. We have an innate responsibility to protect them. In any other context, arrests would be made, and trials by juries of their peers would sentence them to prison. Every person born on this Earth has human dignity that should be upheld, but that does not mean sacrificing our children so that deviants can avoid feeling shame when they act out their sexual fantasies in public.