People Are Comparing Wholesome Japanese McDonald’s Ad To The Woke Garbage They Push In The US


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A slew of domestic and international ads for fast food giant McDonalds went viral in September because of the total juxtaposition between campaign styles.

It turns out that Japan has some of the most wholesome advertising campaigns for McDonalds, ever, and people are freaking out about it, according to RedState. Two ads seem to have taken the attention of many, both of which are totally wholesome.

The first features the story of a little girl whose mother tells her that she can have a Big Mac when she grows up.

The other shows a family of three: father, daughter, mother, eating McDonalds at the family dinner table. That’s about it.

Neither ad is harmful, just wholesome.

But apparently this wholesome and whimsical version of humanity in Japan is white supremacy, RedState claimed, citing a bunch of woke crazies on Twitter. (RELATED: Democrats Have To Pretend They Like Bud Light Now)

The ads come in harsh juxtaposition to the way Americans are told to enjoy McDonalds. Here at home, we’re told to eat our nuggies while apparently trying to do something about the fact that black biological males who think they’re women are being murdered.

I have no idea what McDonalds has to do with the lack of funding for police departments tasked with hunting down the killers of biological males who think they’re girls, but apparently it’s a thing here in America. And I guess that’s just how we live now.