Listen Up, Lads. Women Love Being Naked As Much As We Love Dressing Up


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The critically acclaimed host of “Man vs Street,” Joel Gibbons, released a superb video Monday where he finally figured out what it’s like for women to navigate fashion and how to dress to deal with the outside world … and whether we’d prefer to be naked.

As I once explained to the worst teacher I’ve ever had — my high school Head of Year (total and utter cow who said I wouldn’t amount to anything) — how you dress doesn’t have any influence over whether you can do you job, pass a test, or anything else.

Fashion is a purely aesthetic concept, but people have a lot of big feelings about it. “Would it be a better world if we were full nudist?” Gibbons asked one woman on the street. “I would personally love that,” she replied. And she wasn’t the only woman to say so!

Many of the respondents went a little deeper and tried to explain that it’s only because of other people’s judgment that we have to wear clothes to work. (RELATED: You’ll Scream While Watching Idiots Answer Questions About Whether Obesity Can Be Healthy)

But let us not forget that when God made us, he made us nude and without shame. The only reason we feel shame for our bodies is because of sin … and because the fashion industry makes us hate ourselves so they can sell us cures.

So, if you’re truly confident and godly, just go naked when you’re at home. No one wants to see your bare butt outside. But why not crank up the heat at home this winter and enjoy your body as much as you enjoy covering it up with clothes predominantly made by children in sweatshops? (hint: go to thrift stores guys; you’ll save money and stop the normalization of greed).