You’ll Scream While Watching Idiots Answer Questions About Whether Obesity Can Be Healthy


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Man vs. Street” host Malik Lahrim released arguably one of the most hilarious yet shocking episodes thus far on Monday.

Is being fat healthy? “Yes,” according to a bunch of fucking idiots who live and/or work in the Washington, D.C., area who don’t understand that being fat literally makes you die younger.

Lahrim was on a mission in the latest “Man vs. Street.” He wanted to find out whether fat acceptance has gone too far. And it appears that it absolutely has. For example, when asked whether Lizzo is healthy, one poor young idiot woman replied, “Fuck yeah, she’s vegan.”

“Everyone has different body types” and “it doesn’t matter how you look so long as you’re healthy,” were also among dumbass answers provided by the general public. Two girls even tried to explain how some people are just fat because of genetics (how embarrassing for whatever school they go to).

Seriously, someone get Lahrim a medal for not laughing in these stupid girls’ faces for this progressive idiocy they’re spewing. They spent the entire video defending fat people, and then said their kids would never be fat because they’d make them “eat healthy.”

If you didn’t roll your eyes, or scream laughing at this, then you might be an idiot too. (RELATED: We Asked Gen Z Women If They Want Kids. The Responses Were Unhinged)

Thankfully, not everyone was quite as stupid. One man, when asked the Lizzo question, replied pretty much exactly how anyone with common sense should: “No … because she’s overweight.” The same man explained how you literally cannot be healthy and obese at the same time … that’s not how biology works.

Personally, I think the medical industry is trying to normalize being fat and obese because it’s the easiest way to get someone to buy drugs, and not just for weight loss. Fat people are also the most likely to need diabetes medication, heart medicines, vascular support, eye care and a heck of a lot of other things because being fat is unhealthy. And chronically unhealthy people make Big Pharma loads of money. (RELATED: Protestors Expose ACLU’s Agenda: Trans Rights Or Women’s Rights?)

I’ve seen some crazy videos from Lahrim and the “Man vs. Street” team, but this is by far the most ridiculous thus far. Thank goodness he’s out here shedding light on how ridiculous people in our nation’s capital can be.