Fox Reportedly Slashes Ad Prices In Half For Second Trump-Less GOP Debate

(Photo by KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

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Fox News has considerably reduced advertising prices for its second Republican presidential debate without former President Donald Trump, Semafor reported Wednesday.

In the lead-up to the first debate — when there was still an expectation Trump might make an appearance — advertisers paid a premium, with the cost of a single 30-second spot reportedly exceeding $495,000. However, for the upcoming debate Wednesday night, the same 30-second spot is priced at just over $200,000, according to Semafor.

One ad buyer thinks the reduction in advertising rates is due to a drop in excitement surrounding the 2024 Republican primary, particularly as non-Trump Republican candidates struggle to gain traction in the polls, per Semafor.

“Sans Trump… these debates just aren’t big-time TV, because the GOP primary race has become a snoozer,” the ad buyer said, according to Semafor

The network was charging $225,000 for 30-second ads during the broadcast immediately following the first debate and $125,000 for spots aired before it, Semafor noted. (RELATED: RNC Reveals Which GOP Candidates Will Participate In Second Debate)

Despite the drop in ad rates, a source familiar with Fox News’ debate advertising plans stated the reported prices were “not accurate in terms of what was actually sold,” per Semafor.

The source noted the demand for ads had increased following the first debate, which exceeded ratings expectations, and the network had secured a wide range of advertisers from sectors including technology, entertainment, finance and healthcare, Semafor reported.