Pro-Trans Activists Refuse To Answer Basic Questions At School Protest

[Screenshot/Man vs. Street: Daily Caller]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Transgender rights activists refused to answer basic questions from the Daily Caller’s Joel Gibbons at a school protest on Wednesday.

Gibbons attended the protest in Montgomery County, Maryland, with activist Billboard Chris, who travels the world displaying a sandwich board denouncing sex changes for children. At the event, The Rainbow Coalition, a trans activist group, counterprotested parental rights organization Moms for Liberty.

The pro-trans protesters held up rainbow and transgender flags, and many wore masks.

Gibbons politely approached them and asked to speak with them, but none of them was willing to engage. When Gibbons asked why they wouldn’t speak with him, they still refused to answer. (RELATED: We Asked People If They Would Date An OnlyFans Model, And The Answers Are Outrageous) 

The Rainbow Coalition protesters held up signs indicating their opposition to banning pornographic books from school libraries and curricula.

Watch Joel search in vain for a productive conversation in the newest episode of “Man vs. Street.”