We Asked People If They Would Date An OnlyFans Model, And The Answers Are Outrageous


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An absolutely iconic “Man vs Street” dropped Thursday, featuring host Joel Gibbons asking people of Washington, D.C., whether they’d be open to dating an OnlyFans model.

I guarantee it’ll only take you 10 seconds to scream laughing at the latest “Man vs Street.” I’ve seen some crazy stuff from these guys, but this latest clip really changed the game. And I think a lot of OnlyFans models are going to be devastated by how the general public perceives their work and lifestyles. (RELATED: We Asked Gen Z Women If They Want Kids. The Responses Were Unhinged)

“Bacteria and virus,” one man said emphatically. “You’re definitely going to be infected with virus.” When pushed on what that virus would be, the man replied, “Corona P*ssy Virus.”

Some people were absolutely fine with dating someone who runs an OnlyFans.

“Fuck yeah, baby. They’re coming home to me,” one girl replied.

And while some people seriously maintained it wouldn’t bother them if the person they’re dating filmed content for the predominantly pornographic site, others were having none of it … particularly when it came to marrying someone.

“I had this one chick that was like, ‘I like to take pictures of my feet on there,’ and I was like, ‘nah, I’m not gonna do that.'” another guy explained. “Because it’s like, what is she gonna take a picture of next? And you’re married to her?” (RELATED: Hilarious Video Reveals Whether Conservatives Or Liberals Are More Attractive (Featuring Mike Lindell!))

Well, sorry OnlyFans models. Girls seem to be into you, but guys clearly have their limits.