EXCLUSIVE: Trump Reacts To Judge Ruling On Property Value, Says Mar-A-Lago Is Worth Around $1.8 Billion

Donald Trump:Henry Rodgers:Photo Credit: Doug Mills:New York Times

Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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TRUMP FORCE ONE– Former President Donald Trump reacted to a judge’s ruling Thursday morning that stated his Mar-a-Lago property is worth $18 million and that he committed fraud by inflating the value of his net worth.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, Trump said he believes Mar-a-Lago is worth $1.8 billion and that his disclaimer clause tells anyone reviewing his data to do their own research and analysis, saying it is a non- reliance clause. Trump told the Caller he has not defrauded anyone and that the banks do not even know why they are involved.

“The banks are happy. The banks got paid fully. They had the best lawyers in the country. They got all their money. They got all their interest. The banks have stated that they are thrilled. They got paid. They don’t even know why they are being involved in this thing,” Trump told the Caller.

“I built a great company and I have a disclaimer clause in the agreement. He says that Mar-a-Lago is worth 18 million dollars when it is worth probably 100 times that, 1.8 billion dollars and there are others in there too,” he continued.

“It is a rogue judge it is a rogue AG. I have a clause that is a phenomenal clause. But this is election interference at the highest level.”  (RELATED: ‘Workers Of America Are Getting Screwed’: Here’s What To Expect From Trump’s Visit To Detroit On Debate Night)

“There is no bank that was defrauded, there’s nobody was that was defrauded. There is very little money relative to my net worth. I’m very liquid, I built a great company,” he added.

The Caller asked Trump how much he thinks this will affect him and his business, to which he said he does not think a judge can allow this to happen.

“It affects New York. I can’t answer that. I can’t imagine that anybody would allow this to stay. The judge was unable to answer questions today. He was unable to, he didn’t know the answers. This is a witch hunt to the likes no one has ever seen. This is all coming out of Washington. This all has to do with this stuff. If I wasn’t running I wouldn’t have any cases,” Trump said.

Real estate insiders have questioned the judge’s ruling.