‘God Bless Common Sense’: Sen. Chuck Grassley Announces Senate Dress Code Is Restored, Overruling Schumer


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley announced on Twitter the Senate restored its dress code in a unanimous vote Wednesday.

“Senate dress code is restored passing senate unanimously 2nite,” Grassley tweeted shortly before Wednesday night’s GOP debate. “Thankfully Sen Schumer’s unprecedented decision was overruled by the will of the senate.”

Grassley was referring to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s decision to revoke the longstanding Senate dress code in a move widely seen as an appeasement to Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman. (RELATED: Vote Out The Senators Who Don’t Want Fetterman Naked On The Senate Floor)

“God Bless COMMON SENSE,” Grassley concluded in all caps, celebrating the axing of the “Fetterman Rule,” which both Republicans and Democrats had previously called to be removed.

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida led the charge for the GOP.

“Allowing casual clothing on the Senate floor disrespects the institution we serve and the American families we represent,” he wrote in a letter to Schumer. “We the undersigned members of the United States Senate write to express our supreme disappointment and resolute disapproval of your recent decision to abandon the Senate’s longstanding dress code for members, and urge you to immediately reverse this misguided action.”

The letter was signed by all but three GOP Senators — Josh Hawley of Missouri, Mike Braun of Indiana and Katie Britt of Alabama, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The dress code even had Democratic support. Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin was preparing to file his own resolution in support of the dress code.

“Next week, Senator Manchin intends to file a bipartisan resolution to ensure the Senate dress code remains consistent with previous expectations,” a spokesperson for Manchin told the Daily Caller News Foundation.