‘Lizard People’: Newsmax’s Carl Higbie Outlines The Real Threat Of Digital Currencies


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Newsmax host Carl Higbie absolutely shredded the World Economic Forum and other globalist bodies trying to push digital currencies on consumers who don’t want it during his Thursday episode of “FRONTLINE.”

Higbie spent all week using his platform to shed light on the economic catastrophes occurring right now and that will happen in the near future if we don’t educate ourselves on what’s going on. Thursday’s episode was focused on the concept of control.

“Day four of our financial series. It’s all been building to what the government ultimately wants. By now you probably get it: control,” Higbie explained to the audience. “They will literally create a crisis, then use it to get more control, and then they’ll always lead to another crisis, which leads to the government taking more control, and the cycle continuously repeats itself.”

“The federal government and the likes of the WEF, the World Economic Forum, know they can’t circumvent the Constitution, So the only way is to make you bend to their will by controlling your livelihood. How are they going to do that? Simple. Make sure that they control, or at least have knowledge of, all of your money and every financial transaction you make. Digital currency,” he continued.

He conclude the monologue with one of the best things I’ve ever heard Higbie say on his show.

“So how do you get people to willingly give up their own autonomy, especially their financial autonomy? Simple. Give them free money. They’ll take it. UBI, Universal Basic Income, and no surprise, like always, our buddy Klaus Schwab and the rest of these globalists, communists, and lizard people are trying to use a crisis to impose it.” (RELATED: Newsmax Host Uses 12-Gauge Shotgun To Show Bud Light How He Really Feels)

And, quite frankly, I agree. And the more we decide to exclusively buy stuff online, the easier it is for us to be lulled into giving up our physical currency.


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“The government always uses a crisis to implement long-term solutions for short-term problems. Every one of their solutions results in another problem, which results in them taking more power. The government never gives that power back,” Higbie said, speaking exclusively to the Daily Caller. (RELATED: Dear Kay: I Just Saw The Banking News. Are We Screwed?)

If this happens, we’ll all end up like Britney Spears during her conservatorship. Would you trust the government to take care of you in this situation? Because there won’t be any option for a #FreeAmerica (like #FreeBritney) movement once the switch happens.