You’ll Be A Super-Fan Of Lara Trump After One Listen To Her Cover Of ‘I Won’t Back Down’

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Lara Trump, who claims she’s not a professional singer, released an absolutely superb cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” on Friday.

While she claims she won’t be seeking singing as a professional career, Trump might not have a choice after releasing her incredible vocals to the world. As a general rule, I won’t write a review of anything unless I would defend my position to death … and Trump’s cover of “I Won’t Back Down” isn’t just something I’d defend. I’ll be actively using this track to get me through whatever the heck the next year has in store for us.

Trump has played piano and loved music her whole life and got the opportunity to cover the track seemingly by surprise.

“I said, who would turn this down?!” she told Sky News Australia. “I’m sure I’ll get a lot of critique from all the haters out there of my voice and my singing ability,” she continued, joking that she’s great on stage singing karaoke after a couple of drinks (lol, same).

A preview of the track was shared on Instagram on Thursday, so y’all should definitely check it out.


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Aside from what I hope will be a fruitful future career in music, Trump hosts the epic show “The Right View,” which features brilliant news and guests like me and Daily Caller icon Chrissy Clark(RELATED: Eric Trump Roasts Donald Trump Jr. Over Twitter Hack)

Trump is known for her brave and outspoken nature in the face of unjust actions, similar to her father-in-law. It’s inspiring, and I think all women should heed her advice. When you’re faced with something totally unfair, stupid, ignorant, hurtful or just downright not good for you, never ever ever back down. No one will ever protect you as well as you protect yourself.

Check out the track here.